Seed Saving Hack: Gardening Game Changer

I’m an obsessive seed collector. It’s probably pathological. I’ll buy them from the corner dollar store on sale, or at full price. I’ll buy seeds I don’t have room to grow. I will wade into median strips if a pretty wildflower or weed calls to me, looking for seeds. Seed saving can become addictive.

There are even plants I grow almost practically just to collect their seeds.

I know that sounds strange, so it would be more accurate to say that I grow and plant extra plants just to collect the seeds from them later.

I’ve even been known to risk my life to collect seeds.

That sounds even stranger, so it would be more accurate to say that I’ve collected seeds from dangerous plants thinking it was something else that looks a lot like something benign.

THAT was an interesting couple of hours.

I’ve been known to leave paper plants covered in spent blossoms sitting on any flat surface around the house, as well. I finally got that under control, and now I have storage with ventilation for drying seeds.

But storage has always been a problem. What do I do with them once I have them dried and bagged?

For years, I tossed plastic zip bags filled with seed and moisture absorbers into a big woven basket. Whenever I needed to plant seeds, I got to enjoy a whole hour or more of sifting through all the bags and trying to read the Sharpie labeling.

But then I saw something in a video or an article or somewhere that changed everything.

Photo Cases to the Rescue

There are a dozen different “manufacturers” for these photo cases. My guess is that small Amazon FBA sellers purchase them in bulk from Alibaba or some other factory in China, so the brand name probably isn’t particularly important.

But I can tell you that I got the one above from Amazon, and it has been a complete game-changer when it comes to storing and organizing my seeds.

I don’t miss spending hours browsing through my pile of plastic bags at all. I’m able to sort them according to what makes the most sense to me.

I’ve got brassicas all in one 4×6 container, tomatoes in another, lettuces in another, etc.

My seeds stay dry and organized while I’m creating soil blocks for planting them out. Better yet, the light packets don’t blow off the table or potting bench with every little breeze.

Seed Saving Benefits:

  • Easy to carry around the house and garden
  • Finding what I want takes just a moment
  • Seeds remain whole and uncrushed
  • Seeds stay dry and cool
  • Takes up very little space on my office shelves
  • Translucent containers makes it easy to assess what you have before opening

Heartily Recommended

I don’t normally like to flat-out recommend a product, and I’m not really recommending this particular seller or manufacturer, or model.

However, if you’re seed saving, whether your own seeds or purchased seeds, I can heartily recommend any of these photo cases for seed organization and storage.