Two (2) Okinawa Spinach Winter Garden Permaculture Starter Plants


A popular permaculture plant, Okinawa Spinach is aesthetically pleasing, vigorous, and nutritious. It provides both yields and beauty in partially shaded areas.

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A much appreciated and reliable permaculture standard.

Okinawa Spinach Description

Okinawa spinach, also known as Gynura bicolor, is a perennial tropical spinach from Southeast Asia. It’s very popular with Permaculture advocates because of its ease of growth, low maintenance, and multipurpose nature. It is both edible and ornamental.
Because it’s a perennial, it makes a fantastic underplanting for fruit trees. Its creeping nature makes it a useful groundcover, but it’s also a fantastic leafy green to add to stir fry, salads, and slaws.

Grower’s Statement

All of our fruit and vegetable plants are organically grown using sustainable practices. We use a proprietary mix of peat-free compost and organic fertilizer that contains mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacterial inoculants for strong, healthy, resistant plants.
Southern Garden is a small, registered, and inspected Florida nursery. Since we mainly focus on pollinator plants for bees and butterflies, we use no synthetic or systemic pesticides or fungicides.
Because of this, you may find some damage or imperfection on leaves. However, each plant is carefully checked for pests or diseases before sale or shipment.

Care Tips for Okinawa Spinach

Plant Okinawa spinach in well-draining soil with plenty of organic matter. You can plant it in full sun, but in hot climates, it will thrive better in partial shade. Water in thoroughly and then regularly until established.
Once established, you can harvest the tender new shoots to eat or propagate for a fuller patch of spinach. It will grow fuller and more vigorous with regular harvesting.
Top dress with compost when planting out for optimal health and resistance. Avoid synthetic fertilizers, as they will tamper with the fungal and bacterial inoculants used in the starter plants.
Okinawa spinach is susceptible to slug and snail damage, especially when using mulches for water retention. We recommend an organic treatment like “Sluggo,” following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Terms of Sale for Okinawa Spinach

We do not ship to California, Arizona, Hawai’i, Alaska, or outside the U.S.
This listing is for two (2) starter plants, as pictured, of the size shown or larger, ready for planting out.
For more than three or a selection of different winter vegetable starter plants, please contact us for a custom order.
Your plants will be shipped in soil-less medium and packaged as well as possible against shipping damage while still keeping costs reasonable.
We also only ship plants by Priority Mail to reduce the chances of plant damage, overheating, or chilling. However, we cannot control USPS shipping times or possible damages in transit.
If you have any problem with your plant at the time of delivery, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt. We do not offer returns or refunds after 48 hours of delivery.
We can combine shipping with multiple plants of various types — contact us for an estimate before ordering.

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