Great Last-Minute Gardening Gifts for Dad

There’s something about dads who work outside even after they’ve worked at a job all day. My dad was like that. With Father’s Day coming up, gardening gifts for Dad or Grandpa seem like an easy choice for guys like that.

They work all day in some stuffy office and spend hours commuting in their cars, but the minute they get home, that’s when the real work begins. They go into a trance, putting the crazy world behind them and focusing on one plant, one plot of dirt, one crop at a time.

Are you looking for some great last-minute gardening gifts for Dad? Or maybe you’re looking for gardening gifts for Grandpa because he was the one that shared his love of backyard growing with you when you were growing up.

Find gardening gifts for dad or gardening gifts for grandpa

I’ve got some great recommendations to make. I’ve spent a lot of time (and too much money) trying to make my gardening life more efficient, and even less painful. And some of these deserve a slot on any grower’s wishlist.

Here are some of my favorite gardening gifts for dads and grandpas, or any gardener on your list. You may even want to treat yourself!

1. Tuzoc Metal Garden Hose, 100FT

A garden hose may seem like a lame gift, but if Dad is getting up in years, I can tell you that garden hoses get heavier as you age. He may have been wanting one of these stainless steel garden hoses for ages, but they’re a little on the pricey side for someone on a fixed income.

It doesn’t take much to wrench a shoulder or pull a back muscle when you’re constantly watering in the summer heat. He’s going to LOVE this garden hose. It’s tough and durable while still being light enough to water everything without much exertion at all.

I recently picked one of these up, and I recommend it highly.

Buy on Amazon.

2. Black Iron Hori Hori Garden Knife

A hori hori knife is an indispensable tool for any gardening enthusiast. This Japanese-inspired wonder is a combination of a knife and a trowel, making it the ultimate gardening companion for any Garden Ninja.

Its sharp, serrated edge effortlessly cuts through soil, weeds, and tough roots, while the flat side can be used for digging, transplanting, and scooping. The sturdy blade is perfect for precision cutting and dividing plants, and the pointed tip aids in creating seed furrows or removing stones.

With measurement markings along the blade, the hori hori knife ensures accurate planting depths.

From planting to weeding and everything in between, the hori hori knife is a true multitasker and is my No. 1 go-to gardening tool.

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3. Rechargeable Battery Powered Garden Sprayer

You don’t have to be professional or spend professional kind of money to get a powered garden sprayer. Dad deserves a break from tedious priming and hand-pumping while tending the garden.

This rechargeable battery-powered garden sprayer makes plant care a breeze, and who doesn’t need a little extra help battling squash bugs and powdery mildew in the summer heat and humidity?

With a convenient and portable design, this innovative tool eliminates the need for manual pumping or carrying heavy containers. The battery-powered mechanism provides consistent and even spraying, ensuring uniform coverage. Best of all, it’s rechargeable.

I purchased a rechargeable powered sprayer in 2021 and it’s been a game changer.

You can buy it on Amazon.

4. Genuine Ladbrooke 6-Pc. “Master Grower” Soil Blocker Set 

On the other hand, if Dad is serious about self-sufficient vegetable gardening, he’s going to fall in love with the Ladbrooke soil-blocking system. No more fragile cell packs, no more weird, desiccated pellets in netting that never decomposes.

The right gardening gifts for dad make it easier for him to share his love of nature with his children

While you’ll find a number of knock-off soil blockers on the market, don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Ladbrookes is the genuine article, made in England, where gardening truly is an elevated art form.

And if the big kit is too spendy, they do have smaller sets to fit your budget. I recommend starting out with the Mini 4, which makes 1-3/8″ dirt brownies in which tomatoes and peppers just thrive.

You can buy both on Amazon and avoid the international shipping fees.

5. AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station

Because there’s nothing worse than spraying fungicides or fertilizer only to see all your hard work and money get washed away in the rain. Your favorite Garden Guru will love this weather station so he can stay on top of climatic conditions in the garden.

For gardening dads with a greenhouse or grow house, check out this Acurite package with three sensors for monitoring the temperature and humidity from the comfort of your home.

Acurite has been around for 80 years, and its reputation is stellar. I’ve been using a three-sensor black-and-white system from them for the last four years to keep tabs on the greenhouse, chicken coop, and bunny run. Well, at least that was until the bunnies buried their sensor while digging a new burrow.

So, we’re down to two sensors, but they’re both critical for monitoring conditions during those rare overnight freezes and in the heat of the day when plants (and chickens) can get dangerously stressed.

A wireless indoor/outdoor weather station is an essential tool for gardening dads. He’ll have access to accurate and up-to-date weather information, so he can make informed decisions about his gardening activities.

This information helps to determine the ideal planting times, adjust irrigation schedules, and take necessary precautions during extreme weather.

Buy AcuRite weather monitors from Amazon.

6. VIVOSUN Portable Garden Kneeler Seat

Garden Kneelers aren’t just for seniors. My son got me one of these about five years ago, and it’s still incredibly handy. Even if you don’t need a pad for kneeling or a handy seat, it’s an awesome portable caddy for your tools. I use mine as a small table to hold my coffee cup, phone, and Bluetooth speaker while I putter in the backyard and listen to the No-Till Growers Podcast while I work.

A portable garden kneeler/seat is a game-changer for dads and grandpas who appreciate a more leisurely garden experience. Kneel in comfort or just sit and relax while you enjoy the peaceful satisfaction of all your hard work.

The best gardening gifts for dads make it easier for him to enjoy his garden without pain.

The soft cushioning of the kneeler relieving the strain on your knees while the sturdy frame ensures enough stability and support to kneeling and rising so much easier. This kneeler/seat features handy storage pockets that detach and function as a tool belt.

You can buy it on Amazon and have it delivered wherever your dad gardens.

7. Gardenfather Tee Shirt

It’s hard to find gardening gifts for Dad when it seems he already has every tool, gadget, or going thing for his outdoor passion.

If Dad also has a sense of humor, maybe a Father’s Day gift on the lighter side is in order.

Dad Jokes deserve full retaliation, and what better way to show Pops that you inherited his lame sense of humor than a gag gardening gift?

It's hard to find gardening gifts for dad when it seem he has everything.

Although, it doesn’t have to be completely useless. There are plenty of funny gardening gifts for Dad that he’ll appreciate just as much for their practical use as the laugh factor.

Tee shirts are great gardening gifts for Bad because he’ll always have something comfortable he can wear while he’s working outside.

Hats are even more useful for keeping the sun off his face and out of his eyes.

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8. LANNIU Garden Tool Set

Now, if you can’t find the right gardening gifts for Dad because he’s a total noob and has nothing, then this handy set has everything and somewhere to put it, too.

There have been a lot of newbie gardeners in the last few years. Between the boredom of pandemic lockdowns to rising food prices to just the desire for a healthier lifestyle.

If he’s never gardened before, he may not have any tools at all.

This handy set has a full array of great starter tools for the newly-hatched gardener. It also works as a seat when you need a break or need to juggle seed packets.

Find great gardening tool sets for Father’s Day on Amazon.

9. Garden Grafting Tool Kit

Serious gardening dads deserve serious gardening gifts for dads. Help Pops take his self-sufficiency to the next level with this well-appointed tree grafting kit.

This choice is easy on the wallet but offers hours of gardening fun. Dad will be creating his own Frankentrees in no time!

For gardeners with small spaces or poor decision-making skills (like me), adding fruit trees can prove overwhelming. Which fruits to grow? Which varieties?

Why not try them all?

Learning how to graft fruit trees opens up a whole new world for avid gardeners and homesteaders. You can combine the desirable traits of different fruit tree varieties into a single tree.

By mastering this skill, he’ll gain the ability to create custom fruit trees with improved disease resistance, superior fruit quality, and increased productivity.

Find grafting kits for Pops on Amazon.

10. Greenhouse

I’ve talked about my love of greenhouse growing before. Sure, it’s Florida and there’s not much need for supplemental heat – but there IS plenty of need for extra shade and protection from driving rainstorms.

I’m adding this gift idea here because it’s on sale right now. It’s a pop-up, so even grandpas can set this one up by themselves. It’s just the right size for protecting seed trays from both cold weather and excessive sun.

Some of the larger greenhouses for the consumer market even offer watering kits, which is super nice when it’s too hot to stand outside with a hose.

Find greenhouses for every budget on Amazon.

11. The Day Off

Maybe the best gardening gifts for Dad are a few hours to relax — or at least a chance to snooze in the shade outside.

Everyone loves a hammock, but not everyone has two trees spaced exactly the perfect distance apart.

A freestanding hammock with a frame can go anywhere Dad wants it — full sun, deep shade, or even behind the shed where no one can find him all day.

When it comes down to it, your dad will probably love anything you get for him. Even if he already has six of them in the garage. (Even if you’re the one that got those other six.) He’ll really just be happy that you understand his need to weed.