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French marigolds (Tagetes patula) are a vibrant and popular bedding plant. As well as offering beauty, they attract bees to the garden and act as a beneficial companion plant for vegetable gardens. The Sparky mix features low-growing foliage with many flowers of orange, yellow, and red.

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French marigolds are a gardener’s dream – they’re amazingly easy to grow and attract pollinators into the garden. French marigolds are said to trap root-knot nematodes, a terrible garden pest that destroys your favorite tomatoes.

A recent 2019 study showed that they also trap whitefly, which can help protect your peppers and tomato plants.

The Sparky Mix variety only grows about 12-14 inches tall, which makes it perfect for underplanting in the vegetable garden. Plant out at the same time as your starter vegetables for the most benefit.

Benefits of French Marigolds

  • Attracts native bees and honeybees
  • Easy to grow and propagate from seed or cuttings
  • Tolerates heat and drought
  • Edible flowers
  • Low maintenance
  • Makes a nice treat for chickens and improves the color of their eggs

Tips for Growing French Marigolds

Sow directly into the garden once soil temperatures are at least 75 degrees F. Choose a sunny location for best blooms. Marigolds like well-draining, sandy soil. Plant seeds and cover with ¼ inch of soil. Keep moist until seeds germinate.

Once true leaves appear, thin if necessary to around 8 inches spacing. Pinch back to encourage bushy growth. While drought-tolerant, they will bloom better with regular watering. You may want to fertilize them once buds appear with a balanced organic fertilizer.

Sparky Mix Marigold Details

  • Life span: Annual
  • Color scheme: orange, yellow, red
  • Height: 12-14”
  • Time to Germinate: 7-14 days.
  • Time to maturity: 8-12 weeks

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