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Wild Lupine is a native North American wildflower plant that ranges across most of the Eastern U.S. and into southern regions of Canada. It features tall spires of blue, white, violet, and pink flowers on 2- to 3-foot spikes.

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Wild Lupines are a beautiful addition to any prairie garden or wildlife space.

This nitrogen fixer also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and is a host plant for the Karner Blue Butterfly and the Frosted Elfin Butterfly. It is also considered of special value to native bees as forage, including mason bees.


• Nitrogen fixer
• Attracts hummingbirds
• Forage for native bees
• Tolerates poor and acidic soils
• Low watering requirement
• Propagates from seed or rhizomes
• Native plant in North America


For best germination, nick Wild Lupine seeds gently and soak overnight before planting. Start in large cell trays, at a depth of ½ inch. Water well and keep dark until seeds germinate. Seeds germinate best at temperatures between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once true leaves appear, thin to one plant per cell and begin hardening off. Wild Lupine should be transplanted into the garden as soon as it’s ready, as it has a long taproot and needs to dig deep to thrive. Roots are fragile, so transplant them early and carefully.

Seeds can also be direct sown into the garden in early spring.

Plant out after hardening off at a spacing of 18 to 24 inches apart. Wild Lupines like full sun or partial shade, as well as poor, sandy soil with good drainage. They prefer slightly acidic soil if possible.

Water in well and keep the soil moist until the plant is established. Afterward, water infrequently or as needed. Will not need fertilizers.

To harvest for cut flowers, cut when blooms on spikes are 80 percent open.

Life span: Perennial in zones 4-8

Color scheme: Blue, violet, pink, white

Height: 30 to 36”

Time to Germination: 14-21 days

Time to maturity: 365 days (this perennial usually doesn’t bloom until the second year)

CAUTION: All parts of this plant are toxic to people and animals, so it should be planted with care.


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