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The Wild Boston Fern, or Nephrolepis exaltata, is the true Florida native plant that started the houseplant craze in the Victorian era.

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The Nephrolepis exaltata, or Wild Boston Fern, is a perennial plant with exquisite fronds that feature delicate, feathery leaflets. This native Florida species flourishes in a variety of environments, with vibrant green foliage and gracefully arching fronds, which can reach heights of up to 3 feet.

The Wild Boston Fern’s ability to thrive in both sun and shade makes it a versatile choice for any garden design.

The Wild Boston Fern is a native species found in several counties across the state. Its adaptation to Florida’s unique climate and soil conditions makes it an ideal choice for gardeners looking to embrace local flora and contribute to the preservation of native species.

The versatility of the Florida Native Sword Fern allows for various landscape design applications. Create a lush tropical oasis by planting it as a ground cover beneath larger trees or use it as a stunning backdrop for flower beds and garden borders. Its arching fronds also make it an excellent choice for hanging baskets, adding a touch of cascading elegance to your patio or porch.

It also makes a beautiful houseplant. The Wild Boston Fern, or Nephrolepis exaltata, was introduced to Kew Gardens in the 18th century. This is the native Florida fern that started the Victorian Era houseplant craze.

Wild Boston Fern Care

In Subtropical and Tropical Zones (8-12), plant outdoors in partial shade to dappled sunlight. Like most Florida native plants, they prefer slightly acidic soil and highly moist soil. Water regularly during the growing season and provide dilute nitrogen fertilizer or a thin layer of compost annually in the spring.

For growing indoors, provide a growing container slightly larger than the current one with good drainage. Use a rich potting mix with plenty of humus. Place in bright indirect light and water regularly to keep soil slightly moist. Mist when indoor air is particularly dry.

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